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And We Have A New WWE Champion

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Last Monday on RAW a member of the WWE Company shows he’s hidding goal of becoming a WWE Champion.

Bobby Lashley(Fightboy) has become the New WWE Champion in the wake of overcoming The Miz in a logger coordinate the previous evening on monday night Raw.

The WWE Championship coordinate between Bobby lashley and The Miz was at first booked to hold at 9 p.m yet The Miz thought of a stomach cramp when it was the ideal opportunity for the match which at that point constrained Adam Pearce to reschedule the match to 10pm.

20210301 Top10 Bobby f9378ce76fb33c580588670f4329aa9f

At the point when it was 10pm and the chime was rung for the match to begin, The Miz immediately ran out of the ring, at that point got his WWE title and ran out of the WWE thunderdome which made the match to end in a tally out he actually stays the WWE Champion.

MVP and Bobby Lashley lost control with The Miz activity and they went to meet Shane McMahon behind the stage to hold up gripes. Shane McMahon surrendered to their complaints and rescheduled a rematch. At the point when the match was going to begin, Shane McMahon music hit and he declared at the passage that the match would be a logger coordinate.

The logger coordinate between The Miz and Bobby lashley for the WWE title began with such a lot of energy from Bobby lashley as he keeps on overwhelming the match and pulverize The Miz. The match in the end finished in the kindness of Bobby lashley as he bolted The Miz with the hurt karma to pick the stick and become the spic and span WWE Champion.

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