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Four Nigerian Female Celebrities Under 40 and Are Still Single

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1. Eve Esin

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Eve Esin specifically is a shock to many. She is a top Nollywood entertainer having been in the business for more than 10 years now. She is as yet single however. This article reveals about Etiko and other popular Nigerian female celebrities.

Esin before formally joining the Nigerian film industry ordinarily known as Nollywood in 2008 was a broker who might ultimately leave her place of employment as an investor to zero in on what she depicted as her actual energy which was acting.

Esin joined the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) in 2008 after her support in a film tryout where she arose fruitful and got a get back to from the makers to highlight in the film project. Esin made her first time at the helm with the film named Spirit. As per respectable Nigerian media house The Tribune, Esin has highlighted in over a 100 films.

Quite possibly the most wonderful Nigerian entertainer, Eve Esi is additionally one of the gifted entertainers who finds a way into each job. The 33year old entertainer is single however has two astonishing children.

2. Destiny Etiko

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Etiko depicted in a meeting with Vanguard, a Nigerian paper, that subsequent to enlisting with the Actors Guild of Nigeria she wandered into the Nigerian film industry regularly known as Nollywood in 2011 and portrayed her experience then as a troublesome one since she needed to consolidate her acting vocation with her school enrollments as she was as yet an understudy at that point.

Etiko’ s profession got conspicuousness after she included in a film named Idemili which was delivered in 2012 by Ernest Obi yet was not delivered until 2014. Her job in the film acquired her a City People Entertainment Awards designation. Before her part in the film named Idemili, Etiko had showed up in different motion pictures in spite of the fact that didn’t get conspicuous jobs in them.

There is a specific lady that many are shocked delightful entertainer who is yet to get hitched is Destiny Etiko. Fate is a flexible entertainer who additionally fits in each job. She is portrayed as the second Mercy Johnson.

3. Nancy Isime

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In 2009, Isime won the Miss Valentine International excellence show, and completed second in the Miss Telecoms Nigeria magnificence challenge. As a model she has worked for any semblance of ” House of Marie” , ” Ade Bakere” , ” Adebayo Jones” , ” Zizi Cardow” , ” Shakara Couture” , ” Konga Online” and others.

Isime has said of her displaying: ” It is about the capacity to consistently attempt and to continue to return until you get your huge break. In Nigeria, displaying isn’t for what it’s worth in the western nations where you get your huge break and that is it. Here, you can get your large crush and still go spirit down, so it is basic that you get your enormous break and keep on trying sincerely and keep on returning for additional. “

Isime started a profession as an entertainer in the TV arrangement Echoes in 2011.

Nancy Ime is a 28 years of age who is a/an entertainer and a model. She is additionally single.

4. Rachel Okonkwo

Female celebrities

Rachael Okonkwo is from Ukpata in Uzo Uwani Local government region of Enugu State, situated in South East (Nigeria). She began acting while she was a youngster, yet because of absence of firm jobs she changed profession to moving. She joined Nollywood in 2007 assuming minor jobs.

In 2008, she assumed a Supporting job to Ini Edo and Van Vicker in Royal War 2, likewise in 2010 close by Patience Ozokwor and John Okafor in Open and Close 1& 2. Her first significant job and thus her advancement film came in 2014, where she played the lead character in Nkoli Nwa Nsukka as Nkoli. Her mom kicked the bucket in 2020.

Rachel Okonkwo is another who has been in the Nollywood films industry for quite a while. She is presently 33 years old is as yet single.

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