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How To Keep Your Faith Strong And Alive

by Jammies

Faith is so vital in the life of a believer and to the existence of a Child of God, so it must be kept alive and healthy at all cost and at all times. It is the strength to keep the child of going in life.

In this article will be looking at the various ways on how to keep your faith strong and alive. We will also discuss forces that can keep the faith of a child of God alive while embarking on his or her journey in this world

But before going in details let takes a look at some vital information’s about faith.

Faith can be seen from many ways in different definition of same meaning. Normall, faith can be looked at as complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

But looking at it from the Cycle of religion and based on Christianity faith is a strong belief in the doings of the doctrines of religion mostly based on spiritual convention rather than proof.

Elucidating faith in the life of the child of God is the the strength and power in the person of God. It is very important.

How to keep your faith strong and alive

Four Things That Happens When Faith Fails

  1. Life is in danger when faith fails
  2. Victory is never in view when faith fails
  3. When faith fails, salvation is at stake
  4. Faith failure leads to spiritual look-warmness, when faith fails people become indifferent with God

when you have faith is also like the major organ in the body

How To Keep Your Faith Strong And Alive

I earlier disclosed in this article that will be looking at the forces that can keep your faith strong and alive.

Below are these forces:

  • The force of light
  • The force of sound
  • The force of mind
  • The force of spirit

1. The Force of light

The force of light means insight in your world. Light is relevant for keeping Faith strong and alive.

How lights work to keep faith alive

  1. It brings to understanding of the birth of faith. Note that the strength of anybody in life is proportional to the strength of faith.
  2. It dissolves the darkness of doubts and unbelieving
  3. Light brings direction for faith action

2. The force of sound

The force of Sound superchargers your strength and are pathway to keep your faith strong and alive. What you hear can either move or break your faith.

How sound work to keep your faith alive

  1. It determines what you can believe and what you can fear. Faith Cometh by fearing or hearing. Note that what you hear transmit the spirit in the sound into your life.
  2. to keep your Faith alive you must be selective to what you are allowed.

Every sound has a spirit and hearing is also gateway to understanding

3. The force of mind

It is also clearly stated as the force of the right mindset. It enhances your faith to being alive and strong.

Mindset is settled thinking or a concluded thought thinking.

Your present location is not your final Destination

You should also understand that there is no limit of time space and matter if it is with God.

How mindset keep your faith strong and alive

  1. Mentality state the unit of your destiny
  2. Your mentality or mindset outcast your possibility
  3. Mentality is the determinant of realities

4. The force of spirit

The Spirit of God is the Spirit of faith and the spirit of being bored and audacity. The power in the spirit and keep your faith alive.

When you have the Spirit of God, then probably the longeability of your faith is assured.

How spirit keeps your faith strong and alive

  1. It illuminate scriptures and Usher the Spirit of life and Light that pushes you to keep Faith strong and alive.
  2. Spirit uses the scripture to construct faith. When you pray in the spirit you are constructing Faith.
  3. Spirit causes God and his word believable that keep your faith strong and alive.

When you pray in the spirit you are constructing Faith.

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