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Lady Allegedly Stoles iPhone 12, Beaten By Angry Mobs(video)

by Jammies

A video have been circulating around the web throughout recent hours, it indicated how a gathering of irate men dealt with a woman who purportedly took an iPhone 12.

The insights concerning how this woman figured out how to take the costly telephone isn’t yet known yet she was later gotten after the proprietor raised an alert about his missing telephone.

The viral video went on for 2 minutes and it indicated how seriously she was beaten by furious men after they found the missing telephone on her. The telephone was returned back to the proprietor yet the woman wasn’t saved, irate men slipped on her with whips, kicks and punches.

She was kicked on the head a few times, beaten seriously and hauled. The woman begged them to quit beating her yet they cannot.

Rather than giving her over to the police, these men beat her up severely and harmed her. She did something awful however it’s inappropriate to thump her in such a manner.

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Here are photos from the incident:

IPhone 12

A twitter user identified as @Lyonkinge share the photos on his account.


Watch Video Below:

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