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Why You Haven’t Get Out of Masturbation

by Jammies

My name is George Williams(not real names) I am 19 years of age I’ll be sharing my story with you and main reasons why you haven’t get out of masturbation.

Scientifically masturbation has a number of benefits to humans including sexual satisfaction, sex drive and self-confidence and also an easy solution to different sexual appetite in a relationship.

Masturbation as the name implies means having sex within yourself with any helping tools to aid satisfashion.

Here in this Story, I’ll be sharing with us some side effects of masturbation, note that science has proven it has no effect on human but physically and spiritually it affects badly.

Also recalled that in my last article I share with us masturbation and some of it effects. You can read more here

Masturbation affect your progress in Life by reducing opportunities and Grace to go far. Nevertheless, I’ll be focusing on to this topic “why you haven’t get out of masturbation”

Why You Haven't Get Out of Masturbation

Why you are yet to get out of Masturbation

  1. Because you aren’t determined
  2. Because it memories are still on you
  3. Because it grips is still on you
  4. Because you aren’t actionable

1. Un-Determined

Being un-focus about something usually results negatively. One of the most important reason why you can’t get out of masturbation is not been determined.

When a man is focused on getting rid of something, it is vital that you work towards it get determined in your fight of getting rid of masturbation.

2. It grips still on you

The Cincture of masturbation still lying on you will never help you get out of it. Thoughts of how you feel it and it’s addiction staying on your life can stop you from getting out of it. Think positive and drop the cinture you are in.

3. It Memories still on you

They might be enjoying memories of it that add taste to your body, but let me be straight forward, they are danger to your life forget the memories and how it was and believe you will get out of it.

Always think of new things!!

4. Because You Aren’t Actionable

Taking actions in certain circumstances helps a lot . When you aren’t actionable then you are a dulling person who takes everything for granted.

Taking action can help you get over masturbation by staying active and positive in your thoughts and in your actions.

Hope you learn something today? Do also by sharing with friends and family.

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